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Welcome to 12bit Repository! I (taizou) (🦁) have established this as a place to start documenting my collection of bootleg/unlicensed/weird game stuff, and may or may not expand it with external submissions, stuff scraped from auctions and whatever else at some point. For now this is all mine, though, and I have plenty to get through. I'm starting with Game Boy cartridges but will move into Famicom, plug 'n' play and who knows what else eventually.

It's loosely along the same lines as my previous project, 12bit Notepad, but running on totally different non-MediaWiki custom software and laid out a bit more like an image gallery with supplementary text than a straight up wiki-style-thing. For now 12bit Notepad is still up, but I may transfer its content over here at some point.

I can be reached by any of the contact methods listed here. And take a look at 12bit club for some of my other stuff!

Last modified: 2023-11-18 21:38:47

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