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Koudai Wangguo

Chinese: 口袋王國

A translation of Last Bible 2 to Chinese. The title translates to "Pocket Kingdom" but it has nothing to do with Pokemon, despite the implications of the label (which is a composite of the cover Pokemon from all the Western Pokemon releases so far, including the bootleg Pokemon Green translation). This translation is dumped and can be found on Chinese ROM sites.

The publisher here seems to be the same unnamed company that brought you the Telefang translations Pokemon Diamond and Jade. They have plenty of identifying factors but not much in the way of consistent names or even IDs across different platforms. They're behind the "New Game Color Advance" releases on GBC, but many more on top of that, including the "King Series" carts for Famicom.

A few companies seemed to use a VERY similar "彩色中文" (colour Chinese) strip down the side of their label art, and I'm not sure who originated this or if there's any link between them, but the one here seems to be a white version of the one found on the Chinese release of Pokemon Diamond.

PCB has the code BC-R16 16F44P printed on the back, KD025 stamped on the front. These stamped codes are common for this publisher and identify the game by the first two initials of its Chinese name- KD here stands for Kou Dai or "pocket". The ROM is a glob on a sub-board marked 1310COB

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How did you figure out these guys were the same people as the NGCA stuff? Are there tells on the packaging for the games?

Posted by anewkindofscience@yahoo.com at 2020-07-16 21:30:38

The PCB is the biggest giveaway across different lines of carts, theirs are pretty distinctive.

With English single-game releases you can usually tell by the seal of quality having "Nintendo" written in Chicago font. They also tend to have pretty high-quality labels with metallic strips down the side like on real carts. Chinese releases I think you can tell by that 彩色中文 strip along the left hand side (assuming it fully matches in design and isn't just similar).

Posted by taizou at 2020-08-03 00:02:04

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