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Yuenan Zhanyi 2002

Chinese title: 越南戰役2002

Actually BBD's Yuenan Zhanyi 2001, aka Metal Slug 2001. Gets around. The title screen is unchanged and still reads 2001, and it boots up with a BBD logo so is probably an original release from them (or Sintax getting rid of their old stock).

PCB reads US1013 20020612 on the back, 3364 on the front.

Tags:Single cartsUnlicensed originalsBBD

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I am pretty sure I have seen another game with a sticker labeled game new color in the same font as this one. I think it was one of those Devil Children spinoffs of SMT

Posted by anewkindofscience@yahoo.com at 2020-12-05 03:56:08

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