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Pokemon Silver 2002 (Chinese)

Chinese title: 银口袋2002 ("Silver Pocket 2002")

Contains a fairly common and fairly buggy Chinese translation of Pokemon Silver. Probably by the same people responsible for translating Pokemon Blue, the bland title screen logo and numbers-only name entry are common between both.

Not sure who released this particular cart, or if it's anything close to the original release of this translation - the BBC-014 ID resembles BBD's (they used BC- or BE- for some of their original games in Chinese or English respectively) and the 2002 seems like their style too. But I'm nowhere near sure about that.

The PCB is odd too, it says "SD002" and then "08/02/15" mirrored on the back. I can't see this being from 2008 or 2015 so maybe it's like, MM/YY/DD format, somehow? No real clues otherwise, there's a printed sticker on a flash chip reading "3FE 20594 AAAA ICS-01", but, these things recycled flash chips from all over the place so it may or may not be relevant.

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