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36 in 1 (SH36F10)

Typical crappy multicart with only 4 real games.

The rest are repeats under different titles.

Has what I'm going to call the "coloured dots" menu which has the title of the cart separated from the game list by a row of coloured dots, then the game list in something like Chicago font. Seems to show up quite a lot.

"2003 SUN" sticker covering the screw which is usually associated with a specific manufacturer, I think mainland Chinese.

Tags:MulticartsFor GAMEColoured dots menu

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Oh cool, haven't seen this "SH36FXX" cart before. When I first found out about the carts that use this ID system, I was pretty excited. "SH36F13" has Fire Dragon on it (the final, non-Vast Fame version), but without a GYY logo. Sadly, I haven't seen any other carts of these that have anything unlicensed on them

Posted by anewkindofscience@yahoo.com at 2020-04-16 00:22:38

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