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Pokemon vs Mario 33

Looks JY Company-esque but not confirmed. Uses the Last Bible menu common to their later GBC carts, but with an earlier palette which is pretty unreadable on a GBC screen without very good lighting.

Pokemon games are Japanese versions.


  1. Pokemon Pinball
  2. Pokemon Yellow
  3. Pokemon Blue
  4. Pokemon Green
  5. Pokemon Red
  6. Super Mario 8 = Super Mario Bros Deluxe
  7. Super Mario 7 = Super Mario World 7, an Adventure Island 2 hack
  8. Super Mario 6 = Game Boy Gallery 2 (J)
  9. Super Mario 5 = Game Boy Gallery (J)
  10. Super Mario 4 = the Crayon Shin Chan 4 hack
  11. Super Mario 3 = Wario Land, freezes at title screen
  12. Super Mario 2 - doesn't work at all (2 and 3 not functioning seems pretty common for multicarts)
  13. Super Mario 1
  14. Super Blast = Wario Blast
  15. Super M & Yoshi
  16. Nihon Daihyo - some soccer game

... and 17 more.

Even with a fresh battery, it doesn't seem to want to hold a save on any game, so there may be a fault with its RAM. This might also explain the two non-functioning Mario games.

Strangely at one point I was able to get it to boot up to a 23 in 1 menu omitting the Pokemon games and some others. It's a common tactic among cart makers to have an identical board/ROMs support multiple variations by setting jumpers, but in this case I suspect the 23 in 1 version requires one less ROM chip to be populated - the Pokemon games are pretty big to just have them sitting there redundant.

PCB code: TD8804 REV.3. Similar PCB design to the Legend of Zelda and Pokemon Blue translations.

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