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Super Color 22 in 1 (QQ-901)

A multicart from JY Company, probably pretty standard, let me just take a big drink of coffee and read that game list
WHAT kind of depraved Disney porn anthology is this????

...oh, they're just typos
how disappointing

anyway the real games are mostly as per the label, typos aside. "Bubble Bobble 3" is Bust-a-Move 3 and "Muckey Mouse 5" is just the first Mickey Mouse game from Kemco.

Another one with the "fire menu" as seen on most JY carts from around this period.

Half-size PCB with two globs and the code "AT880327C", indicating a 1999 date.

Had an "SSP" back sticker over the screw, no idea if that represented some manufacturer/distributor or was just a retailer somewhere. Re-stickered with a non-original "ZY 2016" at some point.

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