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Full Color 31 in 1

Kind of an interesting cart, but seems to have been the victim of a manufacturing error (I assume?) with one of the ROM chips being wrong (probably from a different multicart in the same line), resulting in most of the menu entries starting up a completely different game or just not working at all.

  1. S Robot LB -> Super Robot Wars Link Battler
  2. GB Gallery3AGQJ -> Game Boy Gallery 3 (Japanese)
  3. Pokebom USA -> Bugs Bunny & Lola Bunny: Operation Carrots
  4. Beast Wars -> Hamster Paradise
  5. New Robot 4 -> Pokemon Pinball (Japanese)
  6. Super Robot War -> Frogger
  7. Highway Racing -> The Highway Racing
  8. Pocket CL Block -> doesn't work
  9. Frogger -> doesn't work
  10. Dr. Mario -> Battle City
  11. Motocrossmaniac -> Alleyway
  12. Tetris -> Trump Boy
  13. Trump Boy -> Dr. Mario
  14. Battlecity -> Tennis
  15. Alley Way -> Tetris
  16. Minesweeper -> Motocross Maniacs
  17. Penguin Land -> Penguin Land

The rest are repeats. It also doesn't reset before booting a mono game, resulting in a slightly odd but tolerable default palette.

The menu is quite a simple design often seen on GBC multis, with "SUPER 31 IN 1" multicoloured at the top and the games listed in That One Classic Videogame Font.

PCB is marked "880503C" with a date sticker indicating November 2000.
(there's also a battery with a soldered-on clip marked 98-03 - if that is the expiration date rather than the manufacturing date, the battery would have been 2 and a half years expired by the time they used it... unsurprisingly it is now dead)

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