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Soul Falchion

Chinese title: 格鬥劍神


The last in Vast Fame's line of semi-original GBC fighting games, a swordfighting-themed game using an engine from Takara's Nettou KOF games and character designs mostly cribbed from SNK games It's pretty cool!

There are a few different variations of this game released in different markets and on multicarts and the like. This one appears to be the original Taiwanese single cart release, with Kang on the title screen where the Chinese release has Saibot. The soundtrack also matches the Chinese one, as opposed to the Taiwanese multicart release which has a bunch of different tracks. got all that?

Boots up with a "SOUL" logo in place of Nintendo's. The PCB reads "VF001" so was probably a custom design done for Vast Fame.

Tags:Single cartsUnlicensed originalsVast FameNew GB Color

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