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Super 28 in 1 (D)

This one has Seen Better Days for sure. Still works though! sometimes!

Menu is a mono variant of the 'fire' style also seen in colour on Super Color 25 in 1, and reads "SUPER 28 in 1 D (TRUE 64M+62256) JK048" at the top.

All the games are as per the label - it's a pretty decent selection with lots of cool stuff you don't normally find on multicarts. Tenchi wo Kurau is the same Chinese version found on this cartridge.

PCB is also the same style as Super Color 25 in 1, code "LT870623C" with a copper battery holder which literally fell off the board when I opened it

Tags:MulticartsJY CompanyFire menu

Last modified: 2018-12-02 16:28:41

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