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Power GB Color 68 in 1

Another multicart from JY company with the Last Bible-style menu. No repeats!

All Pokemon games are Japanese versions.

  1. Pokemon Gold
  2. Pokemon Silver
  3. Pokemon Yellow
  4. Pokemon Red
  5. Pokemon Blue
  6. Pokemon Green
  7. Action Pokemon - Also known as Pokemon Action Chapter, a hack of the GBC version of Smurfs Nightmare using only the Pikachu sprite and title screen from "Monster Go Go Go", which was an earlier complete overhaul of the mono version of that game. The version on this cart is a different variation to that in the video, with a title screen just reading "Pikachu" in Chinese and English. Also Pikachu seems to be invincible here.
  8. Pokemon Card
  9. Pikachu Land
  10. Star Fighter (homebrew)
  11. Kid Niki (actually Kaiketsu Yanchamaru, the Japanese version)
  12. Zoids J1 (Zoids Densetsu)
  13. Megamania (homebrew)

... and 55 more mono games.

Unusually for a Game Boy multicart, all mentions of Nintendo in all games have been removed. "Licensed by Nintendo" strings now either read "Licensed by (blank space)" or are removed altogether. In the Pokemon games the other companies' copyrights are removed too, leaving only the "GAME" from "GAME FREAK". Pokemon Card just scrambles the copyrights.

PCB code: KGB-106 REV.1 with 266 above it. Similar PCB style to Pokemon vs Mario 33 and the two translations that it itself is similar to...

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